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Update on Covid- 19 and Jewelry

Hello my beautiful Roses,

Welp the world is going a little crazy right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic. All the news or even anyone is really talking about is the corona virus. We are in the middle of a history book lesson for a our future kids and grandkids. We will get through this on the other side though. We have got this. Collective hug…from 6 feet.

I know a lot of people have stressing over what’s going on in the world right now. But God is in control. As someone who is obsessed with being in control and knowing the future this has been a little stressful, but that’s when I turn to the Word. I also have used this time to tap into my friends and spiritual mentors. I can say I am very blessed to have a strong community. I would encourage you to reach out to those around you. Put positive things in front of your face. Read your Bible. Listen to some good positive podcast (for example Make It Known with Mal available on Spotify and Anchor). Facetime your friends. Read. Learn a hobby. Get some fresh air. That’s something you should do everyday. As humans we are not meant to stay inside every day.

Here at The Pink Rose we will open again next Wednesday. Because of the virus I had to leave my apartment and move. I have also been trying to decide whether I should still sell my pieces. I worked at my university and because it shut down this would be a good source of income during this time. I am doing everything I can possible to produce beautiful jewelry that has be disinfected. I’m cleaning all materials and making sure they are disinfected before being shipped. I am also continually washing my hands as I produce your very special pieces. I thank you all for being supportive over the years and your continue support. If you haven’t already make sure you like the page on Facebook Shop The Pink Rose and follow it on Instagram @shopthepinkrose.

Roses, stay safe out there and stay positive.


Mallory Finch, CEO and Founder