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2020 Vision

Hello there beautiful Roses!

It’s been quite a long time. Let me tell you. School and life are no joke. But when you have goals you take every set back and hit as a lesson and keep pressing forward. But as the new year approaches, I will try to blog for everyone at least once a month.

It’s a new year for The Pink Rose and with a new year comes new goals to strive for. If you’ve been following me and the Rose Buds for a while you know how I feel about writing down goals. For the best results in accomplishing a goal one MUST write it down!

2020 is the Year of Pink!!! Do not forget that from now until the 31st you can 20% off your entire purchase by using the code “theyearofpink”.

I want to share my goals for the future of The Pink Rose with you.

  • This year I will be bringing out some new collections. I have started working on some new collections for this year. I am so excited for you all to see it. It’s a different look, but I think you will love it.

  • I will be working on a brand ambassador program. It will be small to start off, but I’m super excited to get it started. So look out for that on all of the socials.

  • I would like to be doing a minimum of 3 A Pink Night Ins.

  • I want this store and brand to mean something. I don’t want it just to be some cute jewelry, though it really is.

  • I will start back featuring a Girl Boss every month. It become harder each month because I needed more women. So with that being said DM or email your suggestions. I want to feature and interview each month.

  • Lastly, we will go back to donating 10% of each purchase to a different nonprofit every month. This is something every important to me as I feel it is important to bless others when you’re blessed.

So those are just some goals I have for this great jewelry store. I am excited for this new year and I want you to be to. I want you to know that if you order if The Pink Rose, you’re not just supporting me- a young Christian minority woman- but you’re becoming a part of something bigger. Through the Rose Bud programs and the donations, The Pink Rose is more than just a jewelry store. I’m grateful you’re on this journey with me.

The Pink Rose Services:

  • Make handmade jewelry

  • Repairs broken jewelry

  • A Pink Night In: A fun night making jewelry and sipping with your friends. Gather your friends and book your event. I'll come to you with all of the supplies and of course a touch of pink. Expect an email correspondence from within 24 hours.

  • Rose Buds programs: The Rose Buds Program is a program created by The Pink Rose in an attempt give back to our community. I lead it and work with the organization. The focus for our program is to teach young girls jewelry making skills, to introduce them to entrepreneurship, and the importance of dreaming big. The program is available for girls ages 8- 18. The course is offered free. This program will take place in schools and churches. If you're interested in participating in our program. Email